Tuition fees for higher education are increasing every day and there is not enough financial aid to go around. There has been new research that proves college fees are rising at a much quicker rate than financial aid. At private institutes, it costs an average of $31,231 per year which shows almost a 13% rise in fees in only five years and there are no chances of this growth rate slowing down any time soon.

American students have amassed a debt of about $77 billion which puts the national debt at a grand total of $1.16 trillion. The cost of education is too high for the youth who have just graduated high school and cannot afford to pay that much. However, you as an entrepreneur can contribute to the society and offer a convenient solution.

Online courses allow students to learn from anywhere and at any time without having to pay a ton. You can benefit from the knowledge of higher education without having to remortgage the house. The need for this alternative has risen because of the high price of education. The online industry has now grown and is expected to grow to a whopping $241 billion by 2022.

Entrepreneurs can deliver sophisticated medium of instruction and their ability to communicate theory with the help of examples via a video chat. Students also prefer not having to dress up and go to class and enjoy the flexibility of attending an online class from the comfort of their living room while interacting with class fellows and teachers using the chat feature. Courses on all topics and disciplines are present online and with more people signing up to augment their learning, there is a great market for anyone.

How You Can Profit from It

You can bank your skills by passing on your knowledge to others through online classes. There are many platforms available where you can put up your courses online for only a small fee. These courses are marketed to the already huge database of students present on their website.

If you have a large social circle or mailing list you can send them marketing emails to help spread the word. The more students that sign up, the more money you can make. There are people as young as 25 years old that have successfully used their knowledge and skills to design a course that is popular amongst student of all ages.

You can set up a live class and follow each week up with a test to examine the student’s competency. The exam also acts as a proof that they have learned something from the classes and are not slacking off.

Most websites offer some sort of recognition for students who complete the course which is an incentive for them to join as they can prove they have the required training and mention it on their resume. This recognition is usually in the form of a certificate which is given to those who pass the class.