The Best Ways to Start Selling Makeup Online in 2017

 Have you experienced that moment when you go out with your girlfriends and they just keep on complaining how they can’t find good makeup products online? Do you have this problem as well?

Well, this sounds like a great opportunity to start a business online. The thing is, there are so many products online and they all satisfy everyone’s needs. The market is over-saturated and if you narrow down your target audience – you will have a profitable online business!

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What are the most common products they need? That red lipsticks? A new face powder or mascara?

If you are following the makeup trends online and designate a niche that you think is not filled by giant brands so that way you won’t have a completion on the way up. As you may heard, the makeup industry will hit 100 Billion USD until 2025 – and that’s translated to amazing profits from online makeup business as well.

So, how to start selling makeup online?

The first thing you must do is build a website, perhaps WordPress would be a great start OR you can set an account on Shopify where you can set an online shop in few simple steps.

Once you have the design of the online business website in place, you can start the search for products that will be part of your portfolio for selling makeup online.

You have the website or shop designed. What is next? Positioning.

Exactly, it’s time for you to position yourself on the market and preferably – to find a spot that is not crowded with the big sharks, yet a small untapped market that needs serving.

You can start by asking yourself couple of questions.

Does your idea fit the market? Is it different from everyone or specializes in something? Have you targeted your audience and have thought of a plan to reach them? Have you figured out a branding strategy? What are your goals?

Once you have the answers to the questions above, you are ready to goal. Define your business plan and start with a simple marketing strategy – reach out to influencers. Exactly, influencer marketing is the best fit to start selling makeup online in an easy manner. Start locally or go nationwide, find the best or promising influencers in the niche and reach out, request a shout out and take it from there.

Are you already thinking about online makeup sales system? Let us know in the comments below.

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